Cartouche dépoussiéreur Jas Filtration


• Celulose/Polyester Blend
• Flame Retardant Cellulose/Polyester Blend
• Spun Bond Polyester
• Ho Treated Spun Bond Polyester
• Aluminized Treated Spun Bond Polyester
• PTFE Spun Bond Polyester
• Polyester Felts
• Fiberglass
• Nomex

Sac dépoussiéreur, Dust collector bag



• Pulse Jet
• Shaker
• High Temperature


• Top load
• Bottom load
• Special design
• Multiple media options

Cage venturi dépoussierreur


Venturi cage for all types of dust collectors


• Diaphragm Valve
• Solenoid Valve
• Rotary Valve
• Various Parts



Rigid-Air extended media surface rigid filters are designed for use in most commercial or industrial HVAC systems where medium to high-efficiency filtration is required.

The filtering media used for this filter are synthetic or fiberglass available in ASHRAE efficiencies of 50-55%, 60-65%, 80-85% and 90-95%. These filters come in standard dimensions with a depth of 6" and 12".


• Rugged corrosion-resistant steel casing minimizes damage during shipping and handling
• Lofted fiberglass micro-fine or synthetic media is held in position by upstream and downstream plastic or metal pleat supports
• Units are available with or without header
• Filters are completely rigid for start and stop systems
• MERV 10-14, ASHRAE 52.2

Varicell Flanders, Jas Filtration


Designed to Improve Indoor Air Quality

VariCel filters with antimicrobial are designed specifically to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Air filters are designed to trap and concentrate particulate air contaminants, including viable fungal and bacterial spores. The presence of antimicrobial preservative in the filter media is intended to preserve the integrity of the media throughout the useful life of the filter. Antimicrobial preservatives are not meant to increase the efficiency of the filter, nor to kill microorganisms “on the fly” as they pass through a filter. Antimicrobial is EPA registered and environmentally safe.

Dual-Density Media Reduces Operating Costs

VariCel media is manufactured with two layers of glass fibers, coarser fibers on the air-entering side, and finer fibers on the air-leaving side. Our dual density design allows dirt particles to be collected throughout the entire depth of the filter, utilizing the full cleaning potential of the media. Maximum dust holding capacity extends the life of the filter, minimizing operating costs. The water-resistant media can withstand intermittent exposure to water, making VariCel filters ideal for installations in humid areas, or where the filters are exposed to moisture.


  • Dual-density media reduces operating costs
  • Excellent performance in difficult operating conditions
  • Designed to improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Water-resistant media ideal for installations in humid areas, or where exposed to moisture
  • MERV 14, MERV 13, and MERV 11 efficiencies
  • MERV 14 and MERV 11 available with antimicrobial
  • MERV 14 and MERV 13 meet LEED® Project Certification efficiency requirements
  • UL Classified


The PrecisionCell GT features extra heavy-duty construction to meet the rigorous demands of gas turbine rotary machinery air filtration applications. They may also be utilized where extreme velocity or turbulence have rendered other products to be ineffective. PrecisionCell GT filters are available in ASHRAE efficiencies of 60-65% and 90-95% in either single or doubleheader versions.


• Dual layer media for increased service life
• Faceguards and grid straps and medis pack stabilizer
• UL 900 Class I

Multiwedge 45-65 filter Jas Filtraion


Fiberbond’s Multiwedge 45 and 65 filters are made with a tough, high-density polyester media. It is resistant to high humidity, oil mists, acids, alkalies, and most organic solvents. The high dust capacity makes the MultiWedge 45 and 65 stand-alone filters.

All perimeter edges and internal dividers are permanently welded together with a heat seal construction. This dielectric process assures a leak-proof self-supporting pocket that can withstand the most severe environmental operating conditions.


• Moisture resistant
• 100% synthetic media
• SPOR-AX® antimicrobial incorporated into the fiber
• MultiWedge 45 = MERV 9 and MultiWedge 65 = MERV 11, ASHRAE 52.2
• UL Class II
• 12” and 24” depths



Fiberbond’s MultiWedge 85 and 95 filters act as two filters in one. The pink or yellow air entering media stops and retains larger particles and the center micro fine fiber media traps the small particulate. The self-supporting pockets stay erect at any air flow and heat sealed perimeter edges and internal dividers eliminate the concern of dust leakage. The synthetic media used in the fabrication of the MultiWedge 85 and 95 is unaffected by moisture.


• Extended service life
• 100% synthetic media
• Not affected by moisture
• SPOR-AX® antimicrobial is incorporated into the fiber
• MultiWedge 85 = MERV 13 and MultiWedge 95 = MERV 14, ASHRAE 52.2
• 12 ”, 15”, 24” and 30” depths
• UL Class I



Caisse CJST Frame Jas Filtration


JAS Filtration’s CJST housings are built for use of prefilters and high-efficiency final filters.

They are made of 16 gauge galvanized steel with vertical support columns and reinforced with corner gussets.

Doors come with gaskets inside and quick action pressure retainers. Housings are sealed by applying a sealer where two metal surfaces are touching.

Filter tightness is assured are by the use of extruded aluminum rails combined with positive seal woven nylon pile on the inside vertical flange.


• Made standard with 16 gauge galvanized steel, also available in T-304 stainless steel or aluminum.
• Central columns at  maximum every 24" provide increased rigidity and act as a support to the rails
• Corner gussets for increased stability installed upstream of the housing
• Extruded aluminum rails combined with positive seal woven nylon pile for efficient sealing available for 2" or 4" prefilters with pocket or rigid final filters
• Urethane foam armature is installed on the door at the other extremity to eliminate leaks
• Door perimeter comes with flexible neoprene armature, assuring complete sealing when the doors are closed
• The four (4) sides at the front and at the back come with 1" flanges for quick installation