Since 1980, JAS Filtration has offered much more than air filters. In fact, we propose the highest quality air filtration solutions with huge advantages in terms of both effectiveness and economy. Always at the forefront of technological evolution, JAS puts its expertise at your service by combining the finest filtration products on the market with its own manufacturing capabilities. Thus, we can offer made-to-measure solutions which:

  • Maintain or improve the filtration effectiveness of all your systems
  • Reduce maintenance expenses by way of filtration solutions that help increase the life of your installations
  • Assure the stated effectiveness of the filtration; this being dependant on both the quality of the proposed filters, and the way in which they are installed
  • Better protect your system’s components


JAS offers you a dedicated, highly proficient service. Over and above fulfilling your orders in a professional and dynamic manner, we can:

  • Offer you contractual agreements for the automatic delivery of filtration products
  • Maintain a stock of the specific products necessary for your systems
  • Offer training seminars dealing with the latest filtration technology
  • Act in partnership with you in projects for the modification or installation of new air filtration systems


*** To learn more about air filtration and different filter types, please consult our “About Air Filtration” section. 

 JAS offers only the highest quality and the most efficient products, in these principal categories: 

  • Air filters for ventilation, heating and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • HEPA and ULPA air filters
  • Air filters for cleanrooms
  • Air filters for production machinery (FAC)
  • Air filters for dust collectors (cartridges and bags)
  • Air filters for spray booth (intake and evacuation)
  • Air filters for odor and corrosion control
  • UV radiation systems for the control of molds, mushrooms, bacteria and viruses
  • Mobile units for the healthcare industry and for construction/demolition/renovation
  • Filtration boxes and containment units


*** To learn more about air filtration and different filter types, please consult our “About Air Filtration” section. 

 We offer the depth of our expertise and specialized services across many sectors, including the following: 

  •  Aeronautics
  • Food industry
  • Commerce (office buildings)
  • Construction/renovation
  • High technology
  • Hospitals and healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Laboratories
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Companies using pulverization processes for paints and other coverings