Since it was created in 1980, J Air Simard, renamed JAS Filtration in 2008, has successfully positioned itself in the air filtration sector in Quebec. 

We approach the market by first of all understanding the client’s objectives. Once this is achieved, we then recommend products which precisely meet these objectives. 

JAS Filtration is first and foremost an expert in air filtration. To be an expert and meet your specific requirements, we must above all else have access to multiple sources of filters and all models. It is also important for us to have access to the best possible product at the best possible price. As it is impossible for a manufacturer to be the best in every range of products it makes, over time we have developed a business relationship with over a hundred manufacturers. To support this wide array of suppliers, we have a factory that enables us to complete the offer so as to meet all our clients’ needs. 

At JAS Filtration, the president has the luxury of being able to say to his experts, “Don’t just sell what I make, but rather understand the needs of the client and recommend the product which best meets their objectives, keeping in mind the lowest possible filtration cost.” 



- the cost of filters (the quantity consumed within a given period will vary according to the quality of the filter);

- plus the cost of energy required to make the required air changes with the chosen filters;

- plus the cost of installing the filters;

- and finally, the cost of their disposal.

It is therefore important to be careful when choosing a filter to be sure it has all the characteristics required to meet the specific objectives of the client at the lowest filtration cost possible. 


Certain filters may seem less expensive at the time of purchase, but if they do not meet the objectives, the error may be costly: more frequent replacements, filters which are not resistant in adverse weather conditions, high energy costs, problems with dirt in the coils which reduce their efficiency (increasing energy and maintenance costs), odour issues, etc. 

Does a less expensive filter have the same lifespan? Will it have to be changed four times a year instead of three? Will it have a higher initial loss of pressure which will increase the energy cost and cancel any initial purchase price savings? Will it release more dust compared to other filters? 

When you need air filtration, we will be pleased to help you establish the best solution according to your needs. 

Rest assured that with the large range of products available at JAS Filtration, we can meet your objectives, regardless of the budget you intend to invest. 

As a long-standing supplier in the Quebec market, we hope you will give us the chance to demonstrate this to you. 

You have everything to gain!